Garage Door Installation

There are many types and styles of garage doors that are available in the market today.

There are carriage doors, wooden doors and steel doors to name a few. They also come in standard and custom sizes.

You can choose your favorite color and have them customized with windows and other decorative options.

The choices are endless, it would really depend on your budget and home design on what type of garage door to have installed.

Pick doors from trusted brands and choose one with the longest warranty.

Once you have made your choice, call us for installation. We give you the best rates in the community.

Cable Repair

Cables can get snapped or become loose after years of operation. You should think twice before fixing them yourself.

Cable repair is no different from your garage door spring repair, they can also be a hazard. These cables are complex to fix and replace if you notice a broken cable call us immediately. We will send a technician to remedy this situation for you.

Door Panel Repair

If your door is damaged, it can cause your garage door opener system to lose alignment or become unbalanced.

Whether you have glass panels, wood or steel our technicians are trained to repair or replace your panels.

Glass door panels look good and are starting to become a trend in home design. We can install new glass panels for you at amazingly low prices.

Give us a call now to learn more.

Garage Door Opener

The latest garage door openers are made using advanced technology and high-grade materials.

They last longer but we can’t avoid problems that may arise during their lifespan.

Openers can break down or stop working which leaves you in a tough situation because you are either locked in or locked out of your garage.

Our technicians can diagnose your problem and come up with the best solution for you.

It can be a broken part, sensor problem or interference in the opener’s frequency. You can count on us to have your door back in operation in no time.

Roller Repair

Rollers can be bent or misaligned due to years of usage.

Repairing them is a complicated process where you need special tools for you to finish the job.

You need to unbolt and tilt the hinge bolts and slide out the roller to replace it. During this process, you need to keep the weight of your garage door supported or someone may get hurt.

Leave your roller issues to us, we can fix them safely and quickly.

Remote Control and Sensor Repair

You may find yourself stuck in your garage because the remote for your opener is not working. The most common reason is dead batteries.

Go to your store and buy new batteries for your remote.

If they still won’t work after putting the new batteries in and you don’t know what to do, give us a call.

We will check on your sensors to see if there are things causing blockage or they can simply need cleaning of cobwebs.

Sensors may also need an alignment because they won’t work if the two can’t “see” each other.

Wires may also be the culprit, we will check on loose or cut wires.

Your remote may also be damaged and you might need to replace it with a new one.

Garage Door Springs

Spring repair can be hard for the common DIY expert and even dangerous. If you make a mistake with the repair job you may end up with more damage to the opener or the door itself.

Injury to the repairman is also likely if they are not trained or experienced in performing spring repairs.

Torsion springs are wound to a high level of tension and only the experts should be allowed to perform repair tasks on them.

These springs are vital to your door opener’s lifting and closing ability. When problems arise they are a hazard to replace or repair.

Leave the job to the professionals so that you can sit back and relax. We will have your springs back to like new condition after we are done.

For safe, efficient and quick repair or replacement of your garage door springs give us a call.

Track Repair

Once your garage door tracks get bent or misaligned you can expect your opener to have difficulty when operating.


Rust, dirt, and grime could also accumulate on your tracks and they need to be addressed.

There are times when simple cleaning and lubrication can do the trick and get your door and opener working smoothly again.

For more complicated problems like bent or misaligned tracks, DIY may not be the best option for you.

Repair is not as simple as pounding them with your hammer to get them straight. Many DIY experts have tried but ended up causing further damage to the garage door system.

If you want your door to operate smoothly like before call us and let us replace or repair your tracks for you.

You will have perfectly aligned tracks for more efficient use of your opener once we finish the job.