If you are looking for garage door installers, you might want to know how to avoid being scammed.

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Did you know that the garage door services industry has a lot of scammers?

2 Car Garage Tigard shares what industry experts expect when it comes to business ethics in the garage services industry and warns you on what to look out for to avoid being scammed.


There are companies who are only out there to make money off you and try to sell you more than what you need.

This is not limited to the garage door service industry and we experience it all the time from “professional salesmen.”

It can be very frustrating to have to deal with these kinds of strategies who only aim to rip us off.

On the other side of the coin, there are professionals who upsell but they are not meaning to fool us but really help us out.

The question is how can we know when an up-sell is legit or not?

Here are some tips that you can use to spot a con-man compared to a legit technician who only wants to help:


Ask for sales kits and brochures for products that the company is selling.


Know what parts are on stock so he won’t offer something else that might be more expensive or would make him more profit


Observe if the technician makes a complete diagnosis of your problem and the cause. There are instances when upselling can benefit both consumer and technician. For example, your garage door may have a problem with one bad roller. The technician can replace the single roller and move on. Some would argue that this is a good opportunity to replace all the rollers to ensure fewer problems in the future and give better performance. The technician will make more money by sales and repair cost but he has a valid case.


If you encounter a seller that won’t take “no” for an answer. Go to a different company. Up-selling is considered unethical when a seller exerts pressure for the consumer to spend more than they want to spend.


Ask for a price list containing all the parts for garage doors and openers so that you can compute for the total cost


A legit technician has a complete supply of common parts like hinges, rollers, springs, motors, and weatherstripping so that he can finish the job right away.


The same case can be applied to springs. If only one spring needs replacement there can be a good case to go for replacement of all springs. Your installer should be able to explain all the pros and cons plus long term benefits. Repairing some parts and leaving old parts in the system may affect performance and mess up repair and replacement schedules in the future. The final decision should be made by the consumer.


A good technician gives time to provide the customer with a full diagnosis and report of the possible consequences and options. If the repairman is in a hurry, he won’t be able to assess your situation and may only give half-baked solutions. Rushing is a sign that you need to move on to another company

Consumers have some sort of sixth sense when someone is trying to sell them something that they don’t really need.

They can also observe if the offer is sincere and legit. If a technician gives useful advice based on expertise and experience, customers can sense that.

2 Car Garage Tigard has technicians that fit the bill of the latter description.

There are many horror stories over the internet where hundreds of people get victimized by scammers.

Garage door systems have evolved and the technology has become more complex over time.

Many people have been ripped off by what they call the ‘Bait and Switch’ tactic. This is where a company gives you a low price on their site but provide an entirely different service that is more expensive when you hire them.

There are even instances where sensor cleaning is the solution but scammers inform unknowing customers that their motor is broken and they need to buy a new system.

These poor victims end up paying a fortune to replace a system that needed minor cleaning to work perfectly once more. A 30-second solution turns into a major project with the scammer reaping a huge profit.

To avoid these “scary situations” always choose the company that has a good reputation. Read reviews and talk to former customers to verify.

Our company has licensed, bonded and insured technicians so that you are sure that they won’t scam you or rip you off.

2 Car Garage Tigard is your best bet to avoid scams. Give us a call now and our well-trained technicians will be at your location in no time.